CUHAS - Bugando


Bugando - Mwanza, Tanzania


Prof. Paschalis Rugarabamu - DDS, MDent, MBA.
Vice Chancellor - CUHAS

On July 1st, 2014, CUHAS entered its third phase of University Leadership, with three new faces at the helm. This new team is building on the strong foundations laid down by the previous two leadership phases. The motto of this phase is “taking CUHAS to the next level”.

The next level envisages to see CUHAS gradually transforming into a Third Generation (3G) University: i.e. being professionally managed to exploit know-how through education and research, to create value, and to be globally oriented but with local relevancy. This process starts with meeting the Minimum Standards set by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), benchmarking itself with the best Nationally and Regionally, and above all being relevant to the catchment of about 16 million people in the Lake Zone; by addressing their health and health-related problems in a solution-oriented manner as a flagship institution or a centre of excellence. We wish to do that, with an enterpreneurial approach, by broaderning and diversifying our resource bases and reducing over-dependency on students fees as a primary source of income. We hope to achieve that by employing some of the key and basic principles of good governance i.e.
  • The Rule of Law
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Professionalism
  • Involvement of Stakeholders
as we carry out our key university functions of Teaching, Research, and Service/Consultancy, with the guidance of our Rolling Strategic Plan.

We realise and cherish the potential that lies within CUHAS staff, both academic and support, but more so the synegystic opportunities that lie within our sister institution Bugando Medical Centre (BMC), the teaching hospital for CUHAS. We envisage to explore and exhaust these internal potentials before we jointly venture out for strategic partneships, nationally, regionally and globally, for the mutal benefit of our institutions.

We will do that mindful of the Catholic Ownership of the University, by promoting and maintaining the good image of the institution, while offering equal opportunities to all kinds of peaceful people, irrespective of their orientation or inclination.

We wish to assure our students, across the whole range of academic disciplies offered, that we will provide them with the best possible learning environment and support, for them to achieve their current and future goals. CUHAS and us are here to serve you. We wish you the best of success.

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Vision, Mission and Values of the University
The Vision of the University is to "become an outstanding Tanzanian Catholic University excelling in training, research, and health care; while remaining responsive to societal needs". It is guided by the Mission
  • To provide skilled and competent human resources that is vested with moral and ethical values;
  • To search, discover and communicate the truth;
  • To advance the frontiers of knowledge;
  • Provide quality services to the individual and community.
The Values of the University are those that enhance equity, non-discrimination in access education, ethical and professional standards, academic freedom and excellence and foster its catholic identity.
Growth of CUHAS-Bugando
CUHAS-Bugando, as a Constituent University College of SAUT, became operational in September 2003. It was granted a Certificate of Interim Authority (CIA) on the 28th March 2002 and a Certificate of Provisional Registration (CPR) on 27th March 2003. By 2005 the College was firmly established and accorded full registration status by the Tanzania Commission of Universities (TCU). The Commission at its 53rd meetingapproved a request from SAUT to transform the College to a full-fledged university and granted CUHAS-Bugando a Certificate of Full Registration.

At its inception it was envisaged that it would be organized in faculties, institutes and directorates. In 2009/2010 it decided to go into a school mode and therefore established four schools: The Weill Bugando School of Medicine (which replaces the Faculty of Medicine), A School of Pharmacy, the Archbishop Anthony Mayala School of Nursing, and a School of Public Health. The new Schools had their first intake in the Academic Year 2010/2011.The Institute of Allied Health Sciences was established within the Bugando University of Health Sciences in 2006/2007.
Student Enrolment
The University started with a modest intake of 10 MD students. Enrolment into the MD programme increased gradually but is now capped at 175. In 2010/2011 The University launched three new undergraduate programmes in Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Sciences and in Nursing Education.CUHAS-Bugando now provides training for nearly 1,700 students enrolled in the undergraduate, post-graduate and paramedical programs.