Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences
School of Public Health

Finding Solutions in Public Health through Interdisciplinary Teaching and Strong Research Skills in both Local and Global Contexts
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    Dean: School of Public Health:

  1. Sospatro E. Ngallaba (MD, M.Sc. Epid, MPH)
    Sospatro E. Ngallaba, Dr.


  1. Jennifer Hatfield PhD, CPPsych
      Jennifer Hatfield, Prof.
  2. Chip Doig MD, MSc. PhD
              Chip Doig, Prof.
  3. Deborah Thomas BSc, PhD-GIS
    Deborah Thomas, Prof.
  4. Reg Sauve MD, MMED, FRCS, PhD
              Reg Sauve, Prof.
  5. Wilfreda E. Thurston MD, PhD
     Wilfreda E. Thurston, Prof.
  6. Deborah Dewey MD, PhD
          Deborah Dewey, Prof.
  7. Claudio Violato MSc, PhD
    Claudio Violato, Prof.

    Associate Professors

  1. Tanya Beran BA, MSc, PhD
    Tanya Beran, Prof.
  2. Ken Corbert MD, PhD
         Ken Corbert, Prof.
  3. Tyrone Donnon BSc, Bed, MEDm, Phd
         Tyrone Donnon, Prof.
  4. Glenys Godlovitch MD, PhD
       Glenys Godlovitch, Prof.
  5. Laura McLeod MD, PhD
         Laura McLeod, Prof.
  6. Richard Musto MD, PhD
          Richard Musto, Prof.
  7. Lubna Baig MD, PhD
          Lubna Baig, Prof.
  8. Rudy Zimmer MD, FCFP, FRCPC, CTH
          Rudy Zimmer, Prof.
  9. David Strong M, MHSc , FRCPC
          David Strong, Prof.

    Senior Lecturers

  1. Sospatro E. Ngallaba MD, M.Sc. Epid, MPH
      Sospatro E. Ngallaba, Dr.
  2. Daniel J. Makerere BScEH, MSc (Community Med)
         Daniel J. Makerere,
       Public Health Specialist
  3. Mark Hardy MD, BS, FRCSC, Msc (Clinical Epid)
             Mark Hardy, Dr.
  4. Rose Goldstin MD, CM, FRCPC
             Rose Goldstin, Dr.
  5. Mauricio M. Cuodros MD, MSc (Epid), FACS, FICS
            Mauricio M. Cuodros, Dr.
  6. David Sabapathy MD, MSc, MBA
     David Sabapathy, Dr.
  7. Rudy Zimmer MD, FCFP, FRCPC, CTH
             Rudy Zimmer, Dr.


  1. Eveline Konje BSc.Biost, MSc.
              Eveline Konje,
  2. Elias Charles BSc.ESM, MPH
           Elias Charles,
      Public Health Specialist
  3. Antony Kapesa MD, MSc.
      Antony Kapesa, Dr.

    Tutorial Assistant

  1. Namanya Basinda MD
      Namanya Basinda, Dr.