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  • What is the problem? The Lake Victoria shores and the City of Mwanza in Tanzania can be designated as an epicenter of schistosomiasis. A survey of school children in March 2015 showed a prevalence of active infection of 97%. This data is alarming and indicates a poor performance of previous control measures!
  • What is the goal of the initiative? The initiative aims at improving access to medication for those affected, to lower the morbidity caused by the disease and thus reach the WHO Road Map Targets.
  • What measures need to be taken? The control of schistosomiasis requires a multi-disciplinary approach including health education, consistent treatment with a drug called Praziquantel and the improvement of sanitation facilities.
  • Specific measure of the initiative:
    • Public relations activities on health education to raise awareness about the disease through the press, television and mobile phone companies A public Information Day is planned at BMC for free testing with a rapid test.
    • Foundation of a local initiative based on voluntary work to support the activities
    • Improved access to drugs and improved distribution
    • A pilot project in defined areas to prove that an interruption of transmission is possible with integrated measures.

    Donation of water tanks to Ijinga Island school water project. Ijinga Island is the location of the pilot project.

    Schistosomiasis - Transmission