CUHAS - Bugando


Bugando - Mwanza, Tanzania

Archbishop Anthony Mayala School of Nursing (AAMSoN)

A School of Nursing was established in 2009/2010 in the name of The Archbishop Anthony Mayala School of Nursing in honor of the late Archbishop of Mwanza. The School of Nursing launched a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Education in the academic year 2010/2011. The goals of the School is to produce competent university graduates in nursing education who will have:
  1. Sound knowledge of nursing education and health science adapted to suit local needs,
  2. Real commitment to the health needs of people and role models;
  3. Create a pool of nurses endowed with a quality scientific base necessary to enable them
To be innovative and to handle nursing problems in Tanzania, able to rehabilitate the sick, to prevent or minimize the adverse sequel of disease and to promote health.Specific Objectives include to:

  • Interpret and base nursing practice on philosophy, purpose, policy and standards of the institution at which he/she belongs.
  • Relate health of the community to socio-economic and political development in providing health and education services
  • Conduct research, publish and utilize research findings for evidence based practice,
  • Recognize limits of her/his competence in the provision of health care in the community and refer such issues to higher levels
  • Manage health care and educational institutions.
  • Improve the health and well being of all clients by quality-nursing care based on their needs, problems, ongoing reforms and advances in science and technology.
  • Examining patients both clinical and with the relevant investigate procedures.
  • Utilize concepts of educational media and technology in teaching and learning environment.
  • Utilize concepts of sociology both at learning institution and community
  • Apply concepts of educational psychology in teaching and learning settings
  • To upgrade Nurse tutors with Advance Diploma in Nursing Education to degree level, in order to meet the general standard of competence in nursing education.
The School provides opportunities for ex-form six leavers in a programme that takes four years, Post-Basic Nursing students in a three year programme, and Post-Basic Nursing students who have an Advanced Diploma in Nursing Education. Currently CUHAS-Bugando is the only institution of higher learning providing a degree programme in nursing education in Tanzania. The School mourns dearly the Founding Dean of the School Prof Helen IgobekoLugina; who passed away suddenly recently.May her soul rest in eternal peace.

In the Academic year 2010/2011 the School admitted 35 students and expects to enroll a similar number of students in the academic year 2011/2012.