Current Projects:

  • Molecular Epidemiology of Multi-drug resistant Bacteria in the Human, Domestic Animals and Environment Interfaces in the North-western, Tanzania.
  • Characterization of Escherichia coli ST 131 involved in extra intestinal infections among patients in different levels of health facilities in the North-western, Tanzania.

Current research:

  • Genomic approach to understand the factors associated with the persistence of blaCTX-M-15 allele in Mwanza city
  • Epidemiology of ESBL neonatal sepsis at Bugando Medical Centre
  • Antibiotic prescription practices in regional and tertiary hospitals in the Victoria Lake Zone of the Tanzania

Current research:

  • Immunodiagnostics with focus on seroepidemiology of viral infections, sexually transmitted infections, transfer of maternal immunity and congenital infections.
  • Zoonotic and emerging infectious diseases of public health importance. Currently, she is working on Seroepidemiology and molecular epidemiology of zika virus and other viral infection among children and child bearing aged women in Tanzania.

Current research:

  • Molecular epidemiology of Azole resistant Candida spp. and Aspergillus fumigatus from clinical and environmental samples in selected sites in Tanzania as her PhD project.
  • Study set to determine episode of fever and incidence of infections among cancer patients during chemotherapy at oncology unit of Bugando Medical Center.

Current Project:

  • Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase producing gram negative bacteria causing community acquired urinary tract infections among patients with diabetes mellitus in Mwanza, Tanzania.


Publication Output: 2022

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Publication output: 2021

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Publication Output: 2020

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Publication Output: 2019

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Publication output: 2017

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