PSYCHIATRY DEPARTMENT (MENTAL HEALTH) THERE IS NO HEALTH WITHOUT MENTAL HEALTH that’s our belief The department is located at the ground floor of side C of BMC west. It operates 24 hours for inpatients with two days for clinics per week. It has a capacity of fifty beds , admitting both males and females, however the inpatients ranges from forty to eighty at a time with total number of outpatients per day thirty to ninety. The department was established in 1971
We deal with the following Activities

  • Major Ward Rounds on Monday and Fridays
  • Outpatients clinics on Tuesdays and Thursdays (OPD)
  • Admissions
  • Occupational Therapy to admitted patients...Daily routine
  • Recreational Therapy on every Wednesday
  • Psycho education/health education on substance use
  • Couple counseling
  • Alcohol Anonymous session on Tuesdays and Saturdays (AA’S)
  • General cleaning of the Ward on Wednesdays
  • Ward meeting every first week of the month
  • Continuous Medical Education (CME’S)
  • Electroencephalogram (EEG)
  • Teaching of students (CUHAS, NURSING BMC)
  • ECT
  • Medical Officers [2]
  • Registered Psychiatry Nurses [7]
  • Medical Attendants [8]
  • Occupational Therapist [0]
  • Community Psychiatry Nurse [0]
  • EEG Technician [0]

- One of our Medical Doctor is currently doing Masters in Psychiatry at The Nairobi University.
- Our goal is to promote Mental Health to the society
To provide mental health to the patients through psycho pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy To promote awareness of various signs and symptoms of mental illness to the care givers and how they can cope with. To provide psycho education to schools and also at the community level To motivate staff on acquiring new knowledge, new skills and altitudes to manage Mental illnesses and also to provide updated education to other scholars in the field To create awareness to Health Workers on Mental Health like they are other diseases
Renovation of the ward 2 Staff went for further studies 1 MO - Psychiatry Specialty 1 MO – BSCN
Contact us
Internal Ext. 112 E-mail: info@bugandomedicalcentre.go.tz / bugandohospital@gmail.com