The Department of Anatomy, Histology & Cell biology (DAHC) at CUHAS has more than a decade history. It was founded in 2003 when the 1st batch of medical students enrolled to the college.

Welcome to the Anatomy Department at CUHAS

     The Department of Anatomy, Histology & Cell biology (DAHC) at CUHAS has more than a decade history. It was founded in 2003 when the 1st batch of medical students enrolled to the college. Subject “Anatomy” is one of four fundamental subjects together with; physiology, pathology, and pharmacology, for students aspiring for medical carrier. It introduces, for the 1st time, language of medicine that has more than ten thousand (10,000) new medical terminologies. Anatomy is a composite subject comprising of three major areas; gross anatomy, microscopic anatomy (Histology & cell biology), and developmental anatomy (embryology). In our department, gross anatomy is learnt through traditional human bodies (cadaveric) dissection, prosection, together with didactic lectures, seminar presentation, and practical demonstrations. Microscopic anatomy (Histology and cell biology) is learned through combination of lectures, seminar presentations and practical light microscopy. Embryology on the other hand, is learned through lectures, images, models and seminar presentations. DAHC is a unique facility committed to delivering exceptional undergraduate anatomical knowledge and skills to medical, nursing, pharmacy, and biomedical laboratory sciences students. DAHC trains applied anatomy to a range of postgraduate masters of medicine students specializing in various surgical fields including; general surgery, orthopedic surgery, ENT-surgery, urology and obstetrics & gynecology. We also offer a range of units in anatomy, which are popular with students taking other programs across the University. In next few years to come, DAHC will start hosting its own two-year masters and 3-year PhD in human anatomical science degree. Dissection is still the fundamental teaching and learning method in our department especially to medical students and postgraduate students specializing in various surgical fields. Other courses learn gross anatomy through a combination of prosection and demonstration in small groups. Innovative electronic teaching resources are in the making and will be showcased on the E-Learning pages later. Our current emphasize is on anatomical and educational research. Teaching and learning anatomical knowledge are highly demanding endeavors that require dedication and discipline. Our department is blessed with highly dedicated and qualified staffs with clinical background that can easily related what students learn to clinical scenario. The DAHC relies heavily on the generosity of members of the public whose bodies have been made available to the department in order to offer this essential training to our future professionals. Our department is in the process of establishing bequest programs that would actively engage the public in donating their bodies for great course.

Instilling a spirit of teamwork in achieving great heights through shared vision, realistic goals and continual self-assessment vested with moral and ethical values. To be an active partner in the University's effort to excel in teaching and research, and achieving lasting contributions to the School of Medicine in training of professionally competent and caring doctors enriched with moral and ethical values for our great nation.
To impart a strong anatomical foundation to both undergraduate and postgraduate students taking the Anatomy Course through achieving excellence in Anatomy Teaching Programs. 
 Enhancing an intellectually vibrant research environment within the department, and promoting a strong sense of belonging among staffs and students.
Leadership, Professionalism, Discipline, Integrity, Creativity, Promoting Catholic Identity through Care for staff, students, and cadaver.
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