Welcome to the paediatric Department at CUHAS


The department of Paediatrics and Child Health is one of the clinical departments at CUHAS. Forty (40) paediatricians working in different facilities inside and outside Tanzania have been trained in this department. The department has a total of 12 permanent academic staff with excellent experiences in clinical, teaching and research. The department works closely with the department of Paediatrics and Child Health at Bugando Medical Centre, which is the University’s teaching hospital. The department is currently offering medical undergraduate training, Masters of Medicine (MMed.) in Paediatrics and Child Health (A three years program) and PhD programs (full time and sandwich). The programs are based on curricula with emphasis on skills and practical training. The department also receives and train international elective students from western countries and Africa. The department has collaborations with other Universities both local and international (Weill Cornell, North Western University -Chicago, Wurzburg, GTP), PAT and MOH as well as exchange student programs to other countries. The department motto is child health care and solving of challenges in Tanzania and beyond by quality training, learning, research and consultancy. Continuously the department is working with all stakeholders in order to improve child survival and development.


  1. Etiologies, disease course and outcome of sepsis like illness in neonatal admitted in Mwanza city hospitals PI: Adolfina Hokororo Other investigators: Stephan Mshana, Benson Kidenya, Neema Kayange, Stephan Gerling & Jefrey Perlman
  2. Renal disease and Schistosomiasis in Primary school Children in Mwanza: Cohort study (2016-2018) PI: Neema Kayange Other investigators: Humphrey Mazigo, Adolfina Hokororo, Benson Kidenya
  3. Prevalence of arboviral infections in hospitalized and outpatient children presenting with malaria-like febrile disease at Bugando Medical Centre in Mwanza and affiliated hospital in Lake Victoria Region, Tanzania (2017-2020) PI: Neema Kayange Other investigators: Adolfina Hokororo, Stephan Gerling
  4. Tanzania Sickle cell surveillance study (TS3) PI: Luke smart Other investigators: Emmanuela Ambrose, Adolfina Hokororo, Russel Ware & Patric Mogann
  5. Stroke prevention with Hyroxyurea: Enabling through research and Education (SHERE) A prospective Reserch study to reduce stroke in SCA children PI: Emmanuela E Ambrose Other investigators: Adolfina Hokororo, Luke Smart, Russel Ware