The department of Physiology.

Welcome to the physiology Department at CUHAS


The department offers basic physiology to first year students pursuing Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences (BMLS), Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSc. Nursing) and Doctor of Medicine (MD) degrees. The course aims to provide the student with knowledge on the:

  • Homeostatic control mechanism, the internal environment and composition of body fluid compartments
  • Composition and functions of blood, as well as the characteristic, formation, destruction and functions of red and white blood cells.
  • Origins of cell trans-membrane potentials and how this contributes to the excitability of cells and on the structure and mechanisms of muscle contraction.
  • Organization, function and control/regulation of the cardiovascular system.
  • Normal functions and control of the digestive, respiratory and renal systems.
  • Hormones produced by the body, the mechanisms of hormone action and the various control mechanisms for hormone production and functions.
  • Normal functioning of the nervous system.

The department also teaches clinical physiology to second year MD students and first year students in various Masters of Medicine (MMed) and Master of Science (MSc) programmes. This course enables students learn clinical physiology with relation to normal and disordered physiological functions of organs and body systems. The students also learn the physiological basis underlying diagnostic procedures as well as the physiological basis underlying diseases management and treatment. The course aims to provide students with knowledge on:

  • Derangement of body fluid compartments and compositions and how this can be corrected/compensated by the renal system
  • Abnormal function of blood tissue
  • Disordered physiological function of the cardiovascular system
  • Disordered functions of the digestive, respiratory and renal systems
  • Disorders of functions of the endocrine and nervous systems
The course is offered at different levels for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Faculty members in the department offer research supervision to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. For postgraduate students supervision is offered at the level of masters and Ph.D degrees.
The members of the department individually or in collaboration participate in various researches which are related to normal physiology as well as physiological changes which occur during various conditions such as pregnancy and disease process.

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