Student Welfare Unit


This Department is divided into four sections, namely, Accommodation; Cafeteria, CUHASSO, Games and Sports. The department operates under the Deputy Vice Chancellor Planning Finance and Administration. It is purely a service oriented office entrusted with the responsibility of listening and advising students, counseling individual students and ensuring better provision of social welfare service. The office also serves as a link between students, and the University Management.

The Mission of the Department:

The envisaged mission is to maintain a conducive environment, to nurture students and empower them with norms and values that will develop them into dedicated, well educated, responsible service oriented and committed members of the Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences and loyal citizens of their respective societies and the nation.



The main objective of the students Welfare Office is to assist students to live the campus life in peace and harmony so as to achieve their goal. In order to realize this goal, the Dean of Students Office therefore, has the following specific functional objectives.

  • To listen, advice and counsel students on personal, social and academic issues.

  • To facilitate and promote students participation in sports, games and other recreational activities.

  • To facilitate students government and enhance good governance, ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

  • To facilitate and promote good communication, discipline, peace and harmony among students and between students and other members of the University community on Campus.

  • To encourage students to organize and participate in societal development activities, to prepare them for future responsibilities.

  • To promote control measures on reproductive Health, Family Life Education, STD`S, HIV/AIDS and drug abuse.

  • To promote student participation in various associations both social, religious and academic.

  • To promote respect for learning and pursuit of the truth

  • To promote better learning process by closely networking with Deans of schools, Academic Advisors, etc.

  • To ensure better provision of both Social and Welfare Service to disabled students; and.

  • To facilitate better provision of health, hygiene, food and accommodation services for Graduate and Undergraduate students.

Student Affairs

  • Support and Counseling

      The counseling activities are administered by the following groups of counselors.

    • Chaplains: Are provided with different offices, equipped with office facilities.

    • One Warden: Also provided with one different office and equipped with office equipments.

    • Lecturers cum counselors for the school of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and schools of Allied Sciences.

  • Social Welfare
      1. Accessible Social Amenities
        • Three secretarial services, one shop and one mini-super market
        • Two saloons: one for Male and one for Female
        • One shoe shiner/repair
        • Five meals service providers
      2. Access to space for spiritual activities
        • Tanzania Movement Catholic Students’ (TMCS) – conducts prayers in the Bugando Medical Centre Chapel.
      3. Other religions denominations seek rooms/space as the need arises
        1. Bugando Muslim Students’ Association (BMAS) – provided with a room and a big space for prayers at MD Hostel ground floor.
        2. Tanzania University and College Adventist Students’ Association (TUCASA) – provided with a lecture Hall for morning and evening prayers.
        3. University Students’ Christian Fellowship (USCF) - CCT is provided with Lecture Hall No 1 for conducting prayers.
        4. Tanzania Fellowship of Evangelical Students (TAFES) – administers prayers in Lecture Hall No 8.
  • Career Guidance

      Have established five Academic Associations

      1. Tanzania Medical Students’ Association (TAMSA) –CUHAS Chapter.
      2. Tanzania Medical Laboratory Students’ Association (TAMELASA) - CUHAS Chapter.
      3. Tanzania Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (TAPSA) –CUHAS Chapter.
      4. University Nursing Students’ Association in Tanzania (UNISATA) –CUHAS Chapter.
      5. Tanzania Radiographer Students’ Association (TARASA)-CUHAS Chapter
  • Students Conduct
    • The Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences Students’ by Laws, 2014 are the major documents that guide the students conduct and disciplinary process.

    • The second document is the Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences Students Organization Constitution (CUHASSO –Bugando, 2013) as well as the University prospectus.

  • Accommodation

      Students Accommodated in the University Hostels

    • Diploma students accommodated in the BMC Hostels.

    • CUHAS students are accommodated in the Undergraduate Hostel.

    • Post graduate residents are accommodated in the SHAH Hostel.

    • Off campus: sometime we facilitate to find out Hostels for off-campus students.

  • Health care
    • It is mandatory to all CUHAS students to fill in the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) forms in order to be issued with a membership card.

    • Once the membership cards have been issued, students are free to attend medical check up to almost any hospital or health centre in the country.

    • Prior to the establishment of the NHIF Cards, Students were using sick sheets and were limited to get medical treatment at Bugando Medical Centre only.

  • Recreation Facilities

      Indoor recreation facilities include:

    • One pool table

    • Two TVS

    • Outdoor recreation facilities

      • One Netball pitch
      • One Basketball pitch with movable goals
      • One Volleyball pitch
      • Once our sports fields are completed at kabuhoro grounds there will be no more shortages of sport grounds ( volleyball, football, basketball)