Prof. Mary Jande

Current the Dean School of Pharmacy AND Professor in Pharmacology. B.Pharm (Hons) UDSM, MSc in Pharmacology (Manchester University)and PhD in Pharmacology (Trinity College Ireland)


Nancy Kundy



Department of Pharmacognosy.

   Pharmacognosy is an important discipline in the Pharmacy curriculum in Tanzania. The branch is focusing on sources of natural products, their chemical composition, medicinal value, distribution, biosynthetic pathways, isolation, evaluation, quality control, standardization, natural products research, traditional medicine, ethno botany and photochemistry from plant, marine and other life origins on both analytical and preparative scale. Department of Pharmacognosy is one of the crucial units in the School of Pharmacy which is an integral part of the Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences. Department of Pharmacognosy is fully dedicated to give an outstanding training in the natural sciences through approved programs that are in line with the most recent developments in the field.

Our Mission is to train competent high-skilled pharmacists as well as equipping them with the required necessary tools and skills.

Our curriculum is friendly and offers a simple way that is easy to learn. The courses are arranged chronologically starting from the basics in the first year and stepwise to broader context in the senior years. We aim to produce graduates who could meet the national and international needs in health care and be the pioneers in conducting research of which results will contribute improving the quality standards of life from community level to individual level.