The Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences at Bugando offer postgraduate programs leading to the award of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in all major fields of specialization in Health. A candidate seeking for admission for a PhD must be a holder of a relevant Master Degree (MSc, or MMED) of the Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences (CUHAS) or any other recognized institution of higher learning within or outside Tanzania. A holder of Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Bachelor/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM/DVM) can register for a PhD program; in this case, the duration of the training and content of the courses to be covered will be determined by the Higher Degree Committee (HDC) based on the topic.

The prospective candidate must demonstrate the capacity to carry out research independently and ability to pursue the proposed study program.
The PhD degree is offered by thesis both in the Monograph format and by Publications. The Department in which the registered candidate is based will submit at least 2 names of suitably qualified individuals to act as supervisors for the candidate based on the CUHAS supervision guidelines. The names will have to be approved by the HDC and the SENATE.

  1. The PhD degree will involve a three years full time research work at the end of which a thesis should be submitted or five years for a part time registered candidate.
  2. Registration for the program shall be at any time during the academic year. The applicant will be required to fill and submit the application forms and two-page statement/concept of the intended research topic. These documents will be submitted to the HDC of the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies. The HDC through its formal meetings will scrutinize and recommend to the SENATE for candidate’s registration.
  3. Upon registration, the candidate will be required to present to the Departmental meeting and Ph.D seminar his/her concept in order to get inputs. Then, he/she will apply to present the comprehensive proposal to the CUHAS/BMC Research and Ethical Review Committee within four months of the assignment of supervisors.

SANDWICH PROGRAMME CUHAS offers also PhD on a sandwich mode. This will mainly be in areas where facilities and research infrastructure at CUHAS is deemed inadequate, or through well established collaborations between CUHAS and other institutions abroad. It is expected that most of data collection will be done in Tanzania. Literature search and analysis of results could be done at the collaborating institution, and this should be in conformity with the CUHAS Ph.D guidelines. For more details on the Ph.D programs continuing and prospective candidates are requested to read the CUHAS Prospectus (2019 – 2022), and the Guidelines for Higher Degrees (Masters and PhD) of the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies (2016).