ABOUT Directorate of Planning, Business Development and Investment (DPBDI)

The Directorate of Planning, Business Development and Investment was established to guide and oversee all university activities related to planning, business development and investment. The Directorate is responsible for developing, evaluating and monitoring the implementation of the University Rolling Strategic plan. The progress of the Rolling Strategic plan will be evaluated bi-annually and shared among respective stakeholders from time to time. In its role of coordinating income generation activities, the Directorate will operationalize a Consultancy Unit to specifically integrate consultancies into the University Revenue Sources. The DPBDI shall continue to guide and help departments, schools, directorates and institutes to develop and implement income generation plans and activities.

Dr.Elias Nyanza,PhD
Director – Planning, Business Development and Investment
The DPBDI aims to deliver high quality and cost-effective University core services for better outcomes. We are committed to ensure that delivery of good quality services that respond rapidly and effectively to continuously changing needs, demands and pressures in respect to Planning, Business Development and Investment. We shall continue to provide high quality advice and support to the CUHAS management and other stakeholders, that is flexible, proportionate and responsive to changing business need.

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