Team Members
S/N Name Designation
1 Valeria Aloyce Gabriel Civil Engineer I and Ag. HoD
2 Eliamini Jimmy Mndima Electrical Engineer - Electrical Works
3 Simon Mkama Kabaka Civil Technician – Civil Works
4 Emmanuel Mabirika Mabula Senior Technician – Plumbing Works


The Estates Department of CUHAS is responsible for managing, maintaining and developing the infrastructure and buildings of the University.

At the Estates Department we aim to maintain existing facilities at optimal standards in a cost-effective manner while remaining compliant to statutory and general good practice requirements.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Estates Department provides a range of a services to the University. Amongst its many functions, it is responsible for:
1. Performing maintenance, rehabilitation and renovation of CUHAS buildings and infrastructures.
2. Responding to work requests from different CUHAS offices, laboratories, classrooms and residential houses and other buildings/infrastructures
3. Preparation Annual Budgets of CUHAS buildings, infrastructure and utilities.
4. Preparation of Bills of Quantities and Drawings to be used in planning of different Construction Projects at CUHAS
5. Managing and supervising environmental conservation, cleanliness and landscaping of CUHAS land properties.
6. Supervision, Construction and Management of Construction Projects.
7. Management and Coordination of activities of the buildings and infrastructure contractors and consultants contracted by the University.
8. Liaising with Housing Committee in preparing housing policies, contracts and houses allocations to CUHAS staff.
9. Liaising with the Administration Department in preserving the CUHAS lands boundaries and security matters.

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