Team Members

Sr. Mary Auxilia Mtuy
Sr. Mary Auxilia Mtuy, PhD
Dean of Students

The main functions of the Students Welfare Department / Dean of Students office;
1. Organizes orientation programme for fresher students in collaboration with SCHOOL Deans and INSTITUTE Director
2. Organizes and conducts LEADERSHIP orientation programme for new CUHASSO leaders
3. Offers guidance and professional counselling services to all needy students in all spheres of life
4. Develops appropriate strategies for anticipating, controlling and managing students’ conflicts.
5. Plans and allocates accommodation services to students on campus and facilitates availability of off-campus nearby private hostels, apartments and private rental homes
6. Facilitates enrollment of students into a medical insurance programme with NHIF at the beginning of each academic year
7. Manages an acceptable code of conduct and morality for medical students
8. Develops and coordinates policies, guidelines and procedures of students' welfare
9. Facilitates and advises students organization activities (CUHASSO, Academic associations and Religious associations )
10. Facilitates sporting activities and tournaments in football, netball, volleyball and basketball (Intra-University and Inter-Universities) together with recreational activities
11. Oversees and ensures the hygiene and quality of food and soft drinks services provided at CUHAS food court (cafeterias) are delightful and have reasonable price to all students, patients’ relatives and staff
12. Identifying and soliciting support to needy Students and students with special needs
13. Coordinating mentorship program to students
14. Develops extra-curricular programmes to promotes students growth and development
15. Guides students to observe students by-laws and University regulations
16. Deals with students’ cases involving personal and social matters
17. Assist students to secure permits from relevant and responsible University authorities
18. Deals with students disciplinary cases by enforcing students by-laws
19. Keeps students records in a modernized manner
20. Ensures conducive learning environment is maintained and promotes peace at university

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